41: The One Thing We Wish Learners Wouldn’t Do (Educational Therapy Series)

February 12, 2019 learnsmarter 2 comments

In this episode, Rachel & Steph talk about the one thing they wish all learners would stop doing: LATE WORK. Rachel & Steph talk about why late work happens, why it’s such a problem. They explain all the different steps that a student has to go through to counteract/solve a late assignment. This is one of the first things Rachel & Steph work on in educational therapy (it’s part of the Assessment phase) and they talk about building in strategies to prevent late work (in the Building phase).

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2 Comments on “41: The One Thing We Wish Learners Wouldn’t Do (Educational Therapy Series)

  1. I have a client who SO NEEDED the analogy of “throwing away money”! I’ve been struggling to figure out how to get this concept across to him. I’m so excited to try this next week, as he is SO very much a physical tactile and visual learner! Love it 🙂

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