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Strategy Sessions:

Each strategy session is a unique opportunity to partner with Rachel & Stephanie. We will take a deep dive into the learner you are interested in supporting. You will leave our strategy session with concrete and DOABLE action steps that are meant specifically for your child, your home and lifestyle.Topics range from parenting (what is the right approach for your kid and why?) to school choices and partnership (is there such a thing as a “right fit” school?) to learning profiles (how can I help my kinesthetic learner in a traditional school) to learning disorders (auditory processing to ADHD and everything in between). We will support you and your family where you are at.  This is your time–let’s talk about what YOUR needs are.

Rachel & Stephanie are honored that you would consider being vulnerable with them. They take the time to listen to your concerns and fears while giving meaningful, fair and understanding feedback. They provide thoughtful solutions and different approaches.

Rachel & Stephanie have extensive experience supporting families of students with different learning profiles.

Rachel’s Specialities:


Executive Functioning


Reading Comprehension


Stephanie’s Specialities:


School Refusal

Executive Functioning

Autism Spectrum Disorder

Learning Games

Know you want help but not sure where to start? 

Here are some questions to consider:

What time of day is the hardest with my child?

What are teachers reporting about my student?

What does homework time feel like? How do I want it to feel?


What subjects does my learner avoid?


What subjects do they prefer?

What teacher does my child “click” with? Why?

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