In this episode of the Student Success Stories series, Steph introduces us to Karen, who is a parent in her practice, My Ed Therapist in Redondo Beach, CA. Karen shares her parenting journey, what brought her family to educational therapy, and the important foundational work that Steph and Karen’s daughter, Riley, are doing together. Karen shares what she wishes she had known earlier and what she wishes teachers knew.

Families with Tourette feel so despiritely alone until they connect with others:

If you would like more information about Tourette Syndrome and tic disorders visit the website of the Tourette Association of America at There is excellent information about the diagnosis, treatment, frequently co-occurring conditions, and how to work with schools.  

For information about support and activities in Southern California, we encourage you to visit The chapter has an active FB group for both adults with Tourette, and parents of children with Tourette, hosts events throughout the year, and there is even an annual family camp.

Tracy Blender 310.410.4110

Dr. Pantea Sharifi Hannauer is a pediatric neurologist, trained at and affiliated with UCLA. Her Torrance based practice is called Pediatric Minds.

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