We get the same questions all the time from new parents calling us to begin the process of educational therapy. In this episode, we answer all your frequently asked questions about educational therapy including:

  • How long it takes
  • What is a typical session like
  • Insurance
  • Ages of students we work with and our prior experiences
  • How educational therapy is different from tutoring
  • How to figure out if your child is a good fit

We invite you to sign up for an introductory call with Rachel (schedule at www.kappedtherapy.com) or Stephanie (schedule at www.myedtherapist.com) if you’re interested in working one-on-one with us or our team. We both work virtually and would be honored to guide you through this process.

We also invite you to do a one-time coaching call with BOTH of us. E-mail us at learnsmarterpodcast@gmail.com to get that booked.

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