Rachel Kapp, M.Ed., BCET, and Stephanie Pitts, M.Ed., BCET, welcome back Dr. Ellen Braaten to discuss the origin story of her new book, Bright Kids Who Couldn’t Care Less. Dr. Braaten shares her thoughts on how motivation works and how motivation is not generated the same way each time. She shares how parents need to look at their own expectations and look at their child and reconcile the two. She discusses aptitude, pleasure, and practice and how the definition of aptitude needs to be expanded beyond more than reading, math, and spelling. She further discusses how “there isn’t a treatment for laziness” and her thoughts on how “lazy” is a symptom of something and a time to listen. She also talks about how “laziness” can mask something that’s hard, shameful or a result of a lack of confidence and introduces the word “mailaizy.”


Bright Kids Who Couldn’t Care Less


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